Meet the Artists


Artists of the VRHAM! program 2021:
Forest Inhales You (Inka Kendizia), Reeducated (Sam Wolson), Powerline (VOLNA), Aporia (Patricia Detmering), Smallest of Worlds (Bettina Katja Lange), Joan Soler-Adillon, Uwe Brunner , Morphogerador (Matthew Biederman), Sun Within (Vesela Stoneva), Kykeon (Mária Jūdová) and Floralia (Sabrina Ratté)

We don’t have to be close to each other to get closer: Meet the artists of this year’s festival edition in Virtual Reality. For one hour, you’ll have the chance to ask all the burning questions from avatar to avatar. Meet the artists exclusively at their artworks and enter into a direct dialogue with them about their work.

In cooperation with Creative Europe Desk Hamburg


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5. June 2021
18:00 — 19:00


Sprachen: Languages: English,

Veranstaltungsformat: Event format: Artist Talk,