Virtual Theatre


Antoine Cardon, Entrepreneur, VR Producer

Mat Collishaw, Media Artist

Julien Planté, Co-director /Minky Productions, Executive Producer

Theatre in Virtual Reality: How does it work and what can it look like? What does it mean for performers’ interaction with audiences? And how is it different from a video game?
We have invited a panel of experts to offer an insight into a professional virtual theatre production. Mat Collishaw, Antoine Cardon and Julien Planté are the creators of the VR installation and unprecedented XR experience BEDLAM. They will delve into their creative process, talking about both the challenges of the production and the journey the audience goes on. Depicting the world’s oldest lunatic hospital as it existed in the 17th century, audiences are guided by a female porter – embodied by a live actress – moving from cell to cell and interacting with patients, witnessing their ailments and testimonies.


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6. June 2021
19:00 — 19:20


Sprachen: Languages: English,

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