Yao Wang

Flow is a first-of-its-style 360 experience that converts Chinese water painting into a beautiful 3D landscape. It tells the story of “The Peach Blossom Spring”, a famous fable written in 421 CE, of a lost fisherman who stumbles upon a tiny village sheltered from the world, where people live in harmony with their natural environment. Flow lets you look through the fisherman’s eyes as he drifts through the village on the river’s current, entering an oriental utopia. Flow is an important addition to VR in the realms of art styles, music syncing and visual storytelling.


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Duration 2 minutes
Director Yao Wang
Production Company ICTUS Audio
Producer Sherry Li
Artists Tao Chuan, Jessica Zhai
Music The GAIA Ensemble
Composition/Sound Design Yao Wang

Canada, 2020