In this year’s exciting VRHAM! program, we present 18 artworks from 14 countries – including five 360° films in the VR CINEMA, nine inspiring XR works in the VREHXIBITION and four virtually and physically “walkable” works as IMMERSIVE INSTALLATIONS. In their projects, the artists employ a wide variety of stylistic means and modes of expression. In doing so, they not only deal with highly topical themes – such as the interactions between city and humanity, nature and the digital, society and the individual – but also provide fresh food for thought by allowing these dualities to merge into one another in virtual reality. Even as VRHAM! 2021 took place in a mostly virtual way, there was again an extensive and exciting live program this year with the opening and award ceremony, with our festival closing, with panels and keynotes as part of VRHAM! FORWARD and a conference as part of the EU project REAL-IN.