Terms and Conditions VRHAM! Festival



These are the Terms and Conditions of des VRHAM! Festival e.V. for VRHAM! – Virtual Reality & Arts Festival 2019. is an annual festival that showcases virtual art in all its forms and manifestations. VRHAM! is the first artistic Virtual Reality festival in Germany, offering artists an international platform on which to present and create. VRHAM! festival awards prizes. A jury of international experts will select the winners of the categories VRHAM! MAIN PROGRAM and HAMBURG EMERGING ARTISTS, to be announced during a public award ceremony. The selection of the works for the 2019 edition is thematically based on the motto „DIS:SOLUTION”.



Legal holder and organizer of VRHAM! 2019 is VRHAM! Festival e.V. (non-profit association).



25 January 2019
3 March 2019
7 - 15 June 2019 at Hamburg’s Oberhafenquartier
7 June 2019


There is no submission fee.



(1) For the categories “MAIN PROGRAM” and “HAMBURG EMERGING ARTISTS”
VRHAM! is accepting artistic Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Experiences and multimedia installations.

(2) Works invited to participate in VRHAM! 2019 will be chosen by the Artistic Director to his/her sole discretion. The selected works will be displayed during the 2019 festival for a public audience.

(3) The duration of the submitted projects should not be longer than 15 Minutes. Exceptions can be made by prior arrangement.

(4) The release date should not be prior to January 2018. Any project that is still a work-in-progress must be completed by 15 May 2019 the latest. Exceptions can be made by prior arrangement.

(5) The accepted language for submissions is German or English, or original language with German and/or English subtitles.

(6) All selected experiences shown within the Main Program of the festival are applicable for the awards.

(7) Applicable for the Hamburg Emerging Artist Award are all works by artists based in Hamburg.

(8) There is no age restriction to join the competition.

(9) “VRHAM! RESIDENCIES” aim at up-and-coming national and international artists for the (further) development of innovative working methods in the field of Virtual Reality art and 360° film. VRHAM! 2019 in cooperation with Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein announces one residency with a regional and one with an international focus. The residencies will take place directly in advance of this year’s festival (5 days within the period between 31 May and 7 June 2019). Two creative teams of up to three persons each can (further) develop innovative works in the field of Virtual Reality art and 360° film and will be accompanied by renowned international mentors. The presentation of the works will take place during the opening weekend of VRHAM! 2019 (07 to 10 June 2019).



(1) Please apply for the categories announced in the Open Call via our online submission form only at The submission is only valid if the online form is submitted completed.

(2) “MAIN PROGRAM” and “HAMBURG EMERGING ARTISTS”: The projects have to be sent via wetransfer to within the deadline. Please make sure to clearly mark your submission with the title of your work so that we can match it to the form.
Please submit your files in the following format:

  • 360° videos: Maximum file size 2 GB; in H.264; 30 to 60 FPS; a resolution of min. 3K
  • Executable VR experiences: Maximum file size 2 GB; min. stable 45 FPS (preferred 60; up to 90 FPS) on OS Windows, Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or equivalent

If applicable you can also submit your work via a password-protected streaming link, a Steam key, or a download link to your 360° video file, app download package, or other executable file. If your experience can’t be viewed via one of our accepted VR headsets (Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or similar) or if you are facing problems regarding the above-mentioned format, please drop us a line:

(3) “VRHAM! RESIDENCIES”: Send a detailed concept paper of the project you would like to (further) develop during the residency (max. 12 pages; feel free to add images, moods, videos of past works) via wetransfer to within the deadline. Please make sure to clearly mark your submission with the title of your work so that we can match it to the form.



(1) A jury of 5 international experts selects the winners of the two categories “MAIN PROGRAM” and “HAMBURG EMERGING ARTISTS”. Both prizes will be announced during a public award ceremony. Artists and producers are encouraged to attend the event.

(2) The results of the “VRHAM! RESIDENCIES” will be presented (and possibly further developed) during the opening weekend.

(3) The audience award will be announced in a separate closing event.



(1) We will notify you by email of by phone if your project was selected for VRHAM! 2019. Please make sure to provide us with up-to-date contact information.

(2) With the submission you affirm to hold the complete copyrights, rights of use or any other rights to your work, that are essential for presenting your work in the course of the VRHAM! festival, and you grant the VRHAM! Festival e.V., due to confirming your participation at the festival through VRHAM!, the right of use free of charge, showcasing your work open to public in the course of the festival as often as required.

(3) With the submission you also assure that your work, as well as the materials specified in (4), are free of any rights of third parties. In case of third parties asserting any claims to VRHAM! Festival e.V. regarding the provided works and materials, the contributor will release us from these claims and will be liable for any necessary legal defence expenses defrayed by VRHAM!

(4) After your project has been selected for VRHAM! 2019 there is no possibility of withdrawing your submission from the festival.

(5) You hereby agree to provide the festival with all materials and information regarding your project (including press material, trailers, etc.) to be properly showcased and presented during VRHAM! 2019. By submitting these materials you grant VRAHM! the rights required to promote the festival in all media. The exemption according to para. 2 applies accordingly.

(6) VRHAM! e.V. reserves the right to decline the showcasing of your work at the 2019 festival if your requirements for the technical and setup of the space differ substantially from what you have stated in your submission.

(7) By applying the “VRHAM! RESIDENCIES” the submitter also assures that he/she will be available within the specified period of time and that he/she will participate in the residencies with persons named beforehand. Furthermore, the submitter agrees to publicly present his/her work on the opening weekend of VRHAM! 2019. VRHAM! Festival e.V. will cover travel expenses, accommodation in Hamburg and meals of the creative team (max. 3 persons) for the period specified in the invitation. In addition, VRHAM! Festival e.V. will provide appropriate workspace, a mentor for the artistic development as well as technical (VR) equipment according to prior arrangement.



Selected projects from the submissions will be invited, in addition to being showcased at the Festival, to participate in an online showcase displayed on a suitable internet platform for VRHAM! This platform will be open to the public and free of charge for persons unable to attend the festival. We will approach you individually to discuss the possibility to showcase your work on this platform. A selection of your work for presentation at the festival does not automatically guarantee online presentation.