Michelle-Marie Letelier

The interactive VR experience The Bone puts us in the skull of a wild salmon allowing us to immerse into the stream of consciousness of wild and farmed salmon and their very different living conditions. A mystical intermediate world – between deep sea and universe; between present and past; between reality, dream and utopia.


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Duration 12 minutes
Concept Michelle-Marie Letelier
Production OCEANS21, Interactive Media Foundation and Art Republic in cooperation with Artificial Rome
Executive producers Diana Schniedermeier & Daniela Arriado
Creative directors Ina Krüger & Dirk Hoffmann
Script Michelle-Marie Letelier & Martin Lee-Mueller
Salmon’s character voice Martin Lee-Mueller
Yoik singer Ánde Somby
Sound design Christian Barth, Julian Ferreira da Silva
Skull UiB – University of Bergen Natural History Museum
Scanning Fredrik M. Salhus, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, UiB; courtesy of Lars Ove Toft, BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts
Scientific advice Professors Anne Karin Hufthammer, Arild Folkvord, Karin Limburg, Karin Pittman & Johnny Magnussen
Research advice Prof. Harald Gaski, Ánde Somby, Sápmi Center for Contemporary Art, Karolin Tampere and Daniela Arriado

Commissioned by Screen City Biennial 2019

Germany, 2019