VESTIGE is a room-scale VR creative documentary that uses multi-narrative and volumetric live capture to take the viewer on a journey into the mind of Lisa as she remembers her lost love, Erik. Within an empty void, fragments of past memories appear of their life together. As we navigate the space to explore these moments, new memories are triggered revealing new pathways through the story. Over time the memories become entangled with a haunting vision and eventually lead us to the shocking moment of Erik’s death. Every viewing will reveal a different journey towards this moment, revealing the complex world of memory and grief.


Project Creator: Aaron Bradbury
Key Collaborators: Paul Mowbray, Antoine Cayrol, Jill Klekas Basmajian
Producers: Paul Mowbray, Antoine Cayrol, Jill Klekas Basmajian
Executive Producer: René Pinnell
Co-Producers: Fred Volhuer, Alethea Avramis, Pierre Zandrowicz
Co-Producer: Arnaud Colinart
Cast Members: Lisa Elin

Country: UK/USA/France, 2018