For a long time Virtual Reality was regarded as a niche domain of the gaming industry. But in recent years the technology has found its way into more and more areas of life: Not only artists of different creative genres are inspired by the wide range of possibilities of artificial reality, the business world also realises the vast potential of digital transformation and VR.

Digital change generally runs the risk of focussing on new technology and processes, leaving the human being out of view. For Virtual Reality, there is one constant in the various and changing fields of its application, and it forms the bridge: Here, the human being is in the centre and focus of experience. Viewers are involved, they interact, they control, the content is generated around them.

Whether as part of an artistic experience or as hands-on training in the business world, the focus is on the individual human being. We discuss with experts from industry, art and science, trying to find out what the introduction of Virtual Reality as a Leading Technology means for its various areas of application.

EY Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft is presenting the panel VR Connected – The Human Perspective


Stephan Biallas (Partner EY)

Dr. Thilo Hagendorff (Media and Technology Ethicist, University of Tübingen)

Diana Schniedermeier (Executive Producer)


Jennifer Sarah Boone (