VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival Hamburg and the Danish CPH:DOX Festival start an exchange: Within this year’s edition VRHAM! invites a project which was already presented in Copenhagen a few weeks before: RE-ANIMATED by Jakob Kudsk Steensen. We don’t want to let art speak for itself alone, we want to discuss with each other: What artistic possibilities does the Virtual Reality scene offer in Denmark and Hamburg? What are the differences in project realization? How well connected is Hamburg’s VR scene in international comparison from a curatorial and artistic point of view?

We talk to curators and artists from Denmark and Hamburg.

In cooperation with the CPH:DOX Festival (Copenhagen)
Kindly supported by the Department of Culture and Media


Casper Andersen (Programmer / Film & Inter:Active CPH:DOX)
Mads Damsbo (Founder and Producer Makropol, Director)
Ilja Mirsky (KollektivMosaik, VRHAM! Hamburg Emerging Artist)
Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director VRHAM! Festival)


Melanie Stein