Captured is a participatory installation that captures your likeness to release it as an autonomous avatar into a virtual crowd. You become an actor and spectator in a scenario where individual freedom is taken over by collective instincts. The doubles are avatars in a simulation depicting an unsettling cyclical performance of ritualized social humiliation, each becoming a character in one of the groups making up the bullying triangle: the Bully, the Target or the Bystander. How does the behaviour of the virtual collective affect the relationships in the audience in the real world?

In collaboration with the North Sea Region Interreg Project Create Converge


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Director Hanna Haaslahti
Animation Mike Robbins
Creative Technologist Alap Parikh
Facial Scanning Tyler Henry
Music Jamie Perera
Produced by Fantomatico Oy and High Road Stories
Distributed by Diversion Cinema

Mentor Anouk van Dijk

7. June 2020
16:00 — 16:30


Sprachen: Languages: English,

Veranstaltungsformat: Event format: Residency,