That was ULTRAMARIN” in Hamburg 

ULTRAMARIN – An Immersive Exhibition” at Tom Reichstein Contemporary Gallery on June 2 and 3, 2022 exceeded our expectations: Thank you to all visitors who provided a unique atmosphere. For all those who could not come we uploaded a few impressions and a short trailer of this immersive exhibition.

So that’s it? Of course not! We continue our journey… We are happy to announce that “ULTRAMARIN – An Immersive Exhibition” will be shown from September 1st to 8th in the context of the Venice Film Festival and the Venice Art Biennale at the Tana Art Space in Venice. Hardly any other city is more fitting when it comes to the theme of water, right? We are at least a bit excited to present ULTRAMARIN in bella Italia.

ULTRAMARIN – An Immersive Exhibition” lets you dive into the deep blue and presents international artworks around the theme “water”. Whether with Virtual or Augmented technology, mixed media or projection mapping – our international ensemble of artists is guaranteed to amaze you.

Among others, Manuel Rossner will be present with his sculpture Surprisingly Blue #2 and the specially developed virtual adaptations as NFTs. The shooting star of the digital art scene Jakob Kudsk Steensen shows his VR work Liminal Lands. With the kind support of the Québec Government Office in Germany and the Senate Chancellery Hamburg, Olivia McGilchrist shows her work MYRa: Underwater worlds meet performance art here as well, 360° videos and 3D animations catapult you into a virtual tidal wave.

In addition, Adrien M & Clarie B (Acqua Alta), Can Büyükberber (Primordial Force), Mélodie Mousset (Jellyfish), Joey Bania (Oceanic Feeling) and Christoph Monchalin (Muted) present their VR artworks and show their perspective on the wet element!

But that’s not all: We are going on tour with ULTRAMARIN! First stop is in September in Venice in the context of the Venice Art Biennale and Venice Film Festival, more stops will be announced here soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

XR History Award 2022

In cooperation with Körber-Stiftung, we are launching the XR History Award this year! The winning project using immersive technology to bring history, history education and commemorative culture to life will be rewarded with 5,000 euros.

Unbelievable more than 80 projects from Germany, Ukraine and 20 other countries applied following our Open Call!
Our international jury of VR experts will decide who will take home the prize.

We are especially happy to present you this year’s laudator:. The journalist with historical instinct Joachim Telgenbüscher (Twitter: @drguidoknapp) is head of the history department at Gruner & Jahr and will announce the winner of the XR History Award.

Initiated by Körber-Stiftung and VRHAM!

VRHAM! supports Ukraine

We have had a partnership with the two Ukrainian institutions “Academy of Visual Arts Kharkiv” and “Docudays UA” in Kyiv since 2020. In view of the disturbing political developments and the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, we are intensifying our contact, trying to find ways to support Ukrainian artists and to offer them a platform. We are therefore especially delighted that Oksana Syhareva from the Academy of Visual Arts Kharkiv is this year’s jury member of the “XR History Award”!