VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival

VRHAM!  Virtual Reality & Arts Festival Hamburg is the first international artistic virtual reality festival that has taken place annually in the Hanseatic city since 2018. After two successful festival editions at Hamburg’s Oberhafen creative centre and a third completely virtual festival edition in 2020, this year’s VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival has been held as a hybrid edition. Next year’s VRHAM! festival is scheduled to take place from 3 to 12 June, 2023.

Virtual Reality art breaks the boundaries of all conventional forms of art representation, because it puts the viewer in the centre and surrounds him with its own 360-degree world. We are proud to be able to show this art in Hamburg!”

Ulrich Schrauth, Artistic Director

VRHAM! is the first international artistic Virtual Reality festival, which has been held annually in Hamburg since 2018 and has firmly established itself as an important date in the international VR art scene. From its base in Hamburg, VRHAM! offers a unique platform for engaging with this new immersive art form, and innovative ways of perceiving artistic content, while also creating a space for discourse on socially relevant topics. Since 2018, the creative starting point for the inspiring reception of immersive art and the personal encounter of festival visitors has been Hamburg’s Oberhafenquartier. Artistic-discursive events in public spaces and at partner institutions have completed the program. The 4th edition of VRHAM! took place from 4 to 12 June 2021.

In 2022, VRHAM! is premiering the exhibtion ULTRAMARIN, dealing with the theme of water, and taking it on tour. From June 2-3, ULTRAMARIN was shown at Galerie Tom Reichstein in Hamburg’s Oberhafenquatier. Next stop is Venice: In the context of the Venice Film Festival and the Venice Art Biennale, the artists will present their works to an international audience from September 1 – 10. Further stops will be announced shortly.