Real In

“We are extremely happy about the funding commitment! This is a great honor, an exciting next step for the VRHAM! Festival. Initiated by us and ESPRONCEDA from Barcelona, we were able to set up a great project with further partners to explore and showcase developments in 3D scanning technologies for artistic and immersive projects across borders and Europe.”

Ulrich Schrauth, Artistic Director

REAL-IN aims at exploring crossroads of cultural, audiovisual and creative sectors for immersive and interactive proposals, exploiting 3D scanning technologies combined to XR settings. REAL-IN will activate multidisciplinary synergies in a co-creation process between creatives, coders, creative industries, with the result to break silos between creative sectors.

Besides VRHAM! as the partner for visual arts and interactive design, REAL-IN is an alliance made of another major EU festival, La Manufacture (performing arts) in Avignon, two innovative cultural institutions in two major European cities and world ranked events in creative industries MEET Digital Culture Center (fashion & design) in Milan, ESPRONCEDA Institute of Arts & Culture (music) in Barcelona, and an award winning audiovisual technology company Dark Euphoria located in one of the major European audiovisual hubs in Marseille.

Within the framework of the EU call for proposals “Bridging Culture and Audiovisual Content through Digital”, REAL IN co-initiated by VRHAM! was one of eight projects to receive funding.