Colossus – Encounter Nr. 3

Colossus is an immersive multiuser experience. As 40 000 feet giants, walking at the sea surface, users first hear aircrafts and container ships cockpit conversations around and below them. They are progressively able to locate what seem to be very tiny vessels moving at slow pace. Users try to adjust their position to avoid any collision, but the sky saturates gradually, suffocating the earth by their presence. Are the planes coming down or is it the sea surface rising?


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Author & Director Mathieu Pradat
Coder André Berlemont
Computer Graphic Florent Brillet
Sound Editing & Sound Design Julien Gerber
SoWhen? Mohamed Marouène & Freddy Koné
Making Of Poll Pebe Pueyrredón
Aeronautics Consultant François Poivret
Voices François Poivret & Mathieu Pradat
Poster Marie Ève Roques, Un p’tit Coquelicot

La prairie productions in partnership with SoWhen?

5. June 2020
19:00 — 19:45


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