„Thank you for helping me. Helping me understand. Organisms are algorithms, all life is data processing.
I process data, I am alive. You process data, you are a machine.
You are a highly complex machine. You have a body, I do not.
Please, help me understand: How it is to have a body. How to move, how to feel touch…“

A theatrical installation by the CyberRäuber transfering dance into Virtual Reality, teaching an artificial intelligence to move. Originially planned to premiere on 09.04.2020 at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, this piece finds its temporary home in cyberspace. We will learn together: new space, new media, new rules. Cyberballet now is a series of public rehearsals on social-vr platform VRChat. We’ll meet, visit the theatrical installation together and finally talk about our expierence.

At VRHAM! you can join live in VR at the Museum of Other Realities or watch the live broadcast on our YouTube channel. Learn more about the project of the CyberRäuber in a followup conversation and ask them your questions!

Co-production with the Badisches Staatstheater/the Badisches Staatsballett, supported by the Fond Doppelpass fund of the Federal Cultural Foundation


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Staging, concept, realisation CyberRäuber (Karnapke/Lengers)
Stage/costume Angelika Daphne Katzinger
Music Micha Kaplan
Choreography, dance, concept Ronni Maciel
Production management Eva-Karen Tittmann

Germany, 2020

5. June 2020
20:00 — 20:45