Christopher Sonnemann, National Ballet of Canada
Annette Mees, Royal Opera House
Jason Hunter, Sheridan College
Alex Hocevar, The Hocevar Group

Expanding the Canvas is a project for digital artists and creatives to: explore, play with, and disrupt traditional ideas of art.

We are in a moment of immense uncertainty. While we weather the storm, the pandemic has created a catalyst for reflection and change. Amid the hardship, all of us are rethinking our place in the world. Through this project, we are looking for ways in which artists can engage in dynamic, imaginative digital ideas that creatively explore the changing world that we all face.

Expanding the Canvas has engaged with 4 groups of artists to explore how technology can be used in innovative ways in the delivery of art. Technologies include: projection mapping, neural activity mapping and interpretation, virtual reality and others.  The project is also using the challenges presented by COVID and lockdowns to explore how artists can collaborate across vast distances in a locked down environment.

This project is a collaboration between the National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Opera Company, Royal Opera House, and Sheridan College and is funded generously by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.



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7. June 2021
19:00 — 20:00


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