Social or distancing: Which perspective is VR art taking?


Michelle-Marie Letelier (The Bone)
Christian Lemmerz (La Apparizione)
Michel Lemieux (iCarus)


Ulrich Schrauth

With the right conditions, Virtual Reality art can be accessed and experienced decentrally from anywhere. Especially in times of isolation, art can be transported to places without having to leave them. In doing so, the art retains – and this is the difference to other formats in which works of art from other sources are made digitally available – its intended creation: the immersive experience in Virtual Reality. In addition, the viewer is immersed in another world that offers a brief escape from the real world.

Which bridge can VR art build in times of physical distancing? Can the art form connect us or does it make us even more distant in the singularity of the experience? How do the artists of the VRHAM! VIRTUAL program deal with the current situation?

Artistic Director Ulrich Schrauth brings together artists of this year’s program virtually in the Museum of Other Realities, asking what the current situation means for their work, their artistic creation process and the reception of their art.

Presented by the NORDMETALL-Stiftung


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5. June 2020
16:00 — 16:30


Veranstaltungsformat: Event format: Artist Talk,