YOU WILL BECOME WHAT YOU EAT IN VR: MARTYR – A bloody dinner performance

Do animals have feelings? Will an animal ever die for something? Will an animal die for a cause?

Denmark is the first country in the world who has adopted by law that “all animals are sentient beings that must be protected as best as possible from pain, suffering, anxiety, lasting harm and significant disadvantage”. But can we empathize with an animal’s feelings at all?

Martyr is a dinner performance for 10 at a time, that explores animal-human relationships through food and collective virtual reality.

In this virtual talk, the creators Johan Knattrup Jensen and Mads Damsbo will together with Jakob la Cour, Immersion Artist, discuss the piece (without spoilers!) and explore how stories can be told through embodiment and transitions of immersion.

Martyr was set to premiere at CPH:DOX 2020 but was postponed by COVID-19.

In cooperation with CPH:DOX. In the context of the German-Danish Year of Friendship



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Director Johan Knattrup Jensen
Producer by Mads Damsbo
Food by Frederik Bille Brahe

All rights MAKROPOL

6. June 2020
14:00 — 14:45


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