Rent VR glasses and pick them up at our venue

    I would like to rent a pair of pre-set VR glasses (only while stocks last) and pick them up directly at the VRHAM! venue to immerse myself in the virtual experience and participate in the festival via VRHAM! VIRTUAL

    The rental of the pre-installed equipment costs 15€ for a maximum rental period of 4 days. In addition, a deposit of 50€ must be paid, which will be retained in the event of late return (from 1 day).

    Collection and return as well as payment take place at our cash desk at Oberhafenquartier. Address: Stockmeyerstrasse 43, 20457 Hamburg - and then follow the signs.

    The deposit must be brought along in cash, the rental fee can be paid in cash or by debit card or credit card.

    The same rules apply to personal collection and return at VRHAM! @ Home as for a regular visit to the exhibition.

    Your contact person for questions is Soraja Tehrani (