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Find out how to access VRHAM! VIRTUAL 2020

This year’s festival edition is a digital one. We invite you to dive into this world of art with us. Our experiences require different technical equipment. To give you an easy overview of what you can experience with your devices, we introduced three Visitor Types, which we call Visitor 1, Visitor 2 and Visitor 3. All experiences and events are marked accordingly in the program.

Which Visitor Type am I?

To find out which Visitor Type you are, please select the devices you have

Visitor 1

I have a PC/laptop, a smartphone or tablet

Visitor 1

On the VRHAM! YouTube channel, the festival’s 2D streaming platform, the entire live program with panels, workshops, artist talks, events including the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as streamed guided tours, video material and interviews with the artists, will be streamed from 4 to 7 June.

Visitor 2

In addition to a PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet, I also have mobile VR glasses (such as Google Cardboard or Oculus Go)

Through the festival partner Magenta VR you can experience a large part of the artistic festival program, however, only in Germany. The Magenta VR app is required for this.

Visitor 3

I have a PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet, and high-end VR glasses (e.g. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Oculus Quest)

In cooperation with the Museum of Other Realities (MOR), the VR art festival will be completely transferred to the virtual world for the first time. Since 2017, the Museum of Other Realities has been a showcase for VR art and a place where artists from all over the world can exchange and network. VRHAM! VIRTUAL can be visited from all over the world in the MOR.