Mária Júdová

Intersecting contemporary dance, art and VR technology to offer glimpses of a hidden world through the eyes of a shaman, Kykeon is an immersive exploration of ancestral knowledge and ritual.


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Running time 7 minutes
Lead Artist / Director Mária Júdová
Choreographeer  Taneli Törmä
Dancers Amber Pansters, Bojana Mitrović, Finn Lakeberg, Milena Wiese, Zachary Chant
Sound designer Alexandra Timpau
VFX support Florian Friedrich (Narranoid)
HW support Marko Júda
Project Title, Logo Design Constantine Nisidis
Producer Mara Nedelcu
Co-Producer  Motion Bank / Hochschule Mainz, Sensorium Festival

Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain, 2020