The NORDAKADEMIE Stiftung has been a faithful partner of VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festivalsince 2018 and is also a sponsor this year. How VR art can build bridges is revealed by the chairman Dr. Georg Plate in an interview.

VRHAM! VIRTUAL: Theatres, festivals, small and large cultural institutions are moving their program to the internet, developing alternatives. Does this mean the end of the real cultural experience or are new innovative possibilities opening up?

GEORG PLATE: Both areas will benefit from each other. The experience of virtual art makes people curious about art they can touch. Conversely, Virtual Reality makes it possible to implement artistic ideas in a new dimension and encourages the desire to compare it with traditional art forms.

VV: Which bridges can be built with VR art?

GP: Along with globalization and sustainability, digitization is one of the mega-topics of our time, and the NORDAKADEMIE Foundation is also addressing it with several projects it supports. Art in digital form opens up access to artistic representations, especially for younger target groups who have had little contact with traditional art objects up to now. For the older generation, Virtual Reality offers a completely new art experience combined with a new bridge to the digital world, which is changing and expanding at breathtaking speed every day.

VV: How do you as a foundation and educational institution react to the current situation?

The current situation is also a special challenge for the NORDAKADEMIE University, to which the team is reacting creatively with new forms of teaching and special support services. Virtual teaching and virtual art can inspire each other. In this respect, the NORDAKADEMIE Foundation is supporting virtual art forms this year – not only at VRHAM! but also at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.