German Heller, Federico Carlini

Paper Birds is a beautifully realized immersive animation about a short-sighted, musically gifted boy seeking his way through the world of darkness to bring back his sister, who was abducted by the great shadow. Using his musical skills to open portals to the mystical land of darkness, he’ll confront the great shadow so that it may reveal its purpose. This journey engages with our senses to explore the unknown that we’re often afraid to face. A story about inspiration, intuition and emotion, and the power of music in evoking these qualities.


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Running time 15 minutes
Lead Artists / Directors German Heller, Federico Carlini
Narration Archie Yates
Producers Federico Carlini, German Heller, Averie Timm
Executive Producers Yelena Rachitsky, Colum Slevin, German Heller, Federico Carlini, Jorge Tereso, Kane Lee
Art Direction Erica Villar
Head of Development Goyo Higa
Animation Director Andersson Rey
Lead Animator Paula Ramos
Music Cyrille Marchesseau

Argentina, 2020