VR The Forest Collective

»Slowly I followed the sounds of breathing that I could perceive in the distance. Carefully listening to the frequency of each breath, it seemed as though I drew closer. So close, they escaped my own chest. When a tremor suddenly moved through me; virtually shook me. I wanted to hold on, yet my hand could not. And then they were back: sounds of breathing. Deep and immersive. All was gently led by an unfathomable flow. An ancient rhythm of arising and ceasing«

This installation represents the confluence of humanity and nature. It is conveyed through the dissolution of physical borders by an artwork whose guiding principle is to form connections. The viewer is invited to slow down and turn inward, the experience deeply affecting their sense of Self. The Forest Inhales You is a gentle reminder of our interconnection beyond the permanence of form.


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Running time 7 minutes
Creative Concept Inka Kendzia, Jason Stapleton, Noël Labridy
Director Inka Kendzia
Lidar scan, point cloud editing and VR dev  Jason Stapleton
Music Mr. Sakitumi

South Africa, 2019