Industry experts join the participants to discuss on specific topics in guided workshop sessions (Advanced sign-up is required)

The REAL-IN CONVENTION aims to bring together artists, producers, cultural institutions, policy makers, industry experts and researchers to explore the potentials of 3D-scanning and volumetric capture technologies for interactive and digital arts. With XR technologies becoming increasingly more accessible, how can creatives seize the opportunity to produce courageous and inventive artistic content? How can technological tools and immersive storytelling be used to develop innovative participatory and social audience experiences? And how to create an immediate and lasting ecosystem that inspires new ideas and drives creative advancement?


Mario Simon, Academy for Digitality and Theatre Dortmund
Lena Biresch, Virtual Virtual Experience Designer
Ulrich Schrauth, Artistic Director of VRHAM!

In a one-day workshop, ten selected participants from the independent performing arts will deal with the question of how they can integrate virtual reality into their own artistic practice. In addition to practical and fundamental knowledge, there will also be an overview of the international state of the art in the field of immersive media and the performative arts.

The workshop takes place within the framework of VRHAM! FORWARD and is already fully booked

You want to learn more about how VR artworks are created, which technology is required and how exactly working in VR can look like? Then our workshops are just the right thing for you – whether you actively participate or follow the action as a spectator, we will definitely let you in on the exciting creation of a VR painting. In this online masterclass we introduce you to VR art and show you during the opening of LAVAMUSEUM how to use VR as an artistic tool.

Presented by Creative Europe Media Desk Hamburg


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Eric Giessmann
Piers Goffart