Five characters: illusionnist, psychic, hypnotist, journalist, pickpocket, are invited in the manor of the prodigious magician of all time, Maestro Mephisto. They don’t know that they have been chosen to be in the first representation of the fantastic manor, Mephisto’s greatest show.

COCOTTE-MINUTE is a VR real time narrative. The story takes place in 6 areas of the magician manor. It’s an immersive and interactive experiment, the user can go anytime through different areas. He/she will follow one main story, but lots of other stories can be discover in the manor. However the user can’t be aware of everything. Indeed he/she can’t be everywhere, his/her choices will bring him/her to a personal vision of COCOTTE-MINUTE through a unique and personal course.


Regie: Gabrielle Roque
Artistic Director: Louis Wade
Producer and Immersive Designer: Teddy Aymard

France, 2019