Zoe Diakaki, Marina Mersiadou

An immersive performance based on Adolfo Bioy Casares’ novel “The Invention of Morel”, Inhibition questions conventional theatre practice by dissolving the roles of performers and audiences. The narrative unfolds in three parts and follows the journey of the main character, who confronts the limits of his perception and consciousness. Participants experience a deserted island and are challenged to rethink their subjective reality. A combination of VR technology, biofeedback, and multi-layered audio-visual stimuli aims to encapsulate the dynamic relations between physical and virtual, actual and fictional.

As part of the VRHAM! FORWARD residencies, Zoe Dihaki and Marina Mersiadou from London will further develop their project Inhibition in collaboration with the Institut für theatrale Zukunftsforschung (ITZ) at Zimmertheater Tübingen. In the one-week online residency, they want to expand the prototype of their work, which so far can only be experienced by three participants at a time, test new tools and engage in conversation with artists, audiences and experts. 

Mentor Toby Coffey, Head of Digital Developement, National Theatre

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


Running Time 10 minutes
Lead Artists / Directors Zoe Diakaki, Marina Mersiadou

United Kingdom, 2020