Christian Lemmerz

Entering the virtual reality of La Apparizione, we encounter the Crucified One. A golden tortured body, released from the cross and floating in deep darkness, his wounds revealing flesh and blood behind the glistening metal surface of his skin. This must be how one pictures a sacral peepshow. Exposed to the viewer through the extreme visuality of the VR medium is a fusion between the suffering Savior and a bodybuilder bordering on vulgarity. In this space in between pathos and irony, between fake and real, Jesus Christ endures the bodily event of death – this death that we live.

La Apparizione, TRAUM and Locus Solus constitute the three parts of Christian Lemmerz’s VR trilogy. These works explore the medium of Virtual Reality, asking us to question the very nature of existence, the feeling of being there, our sense of self. At VRHAM!, La Apparizione is framed by fragments of TRAUM and Locus Solus.


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Duration 2 minutes
Christian Lemmerz
Dancer and Choreography Kitt Johnson

Denmark, 2017