13, 14 and 15 June 2019
for 30 participants
Duration: ca. 30 minutes

Three musicians, three sessions, three evenings. We invite three musicians to improvise to the visuals of two different Virtual Reality experiences without having seen them ever before.

Session 1: Be there when this new piece of music is evolving and mixing with the visuals of the VR artists.

Session 2: Not too much into experiments? Come and see the second session – same experiences, same musicians and hence a little more of a clue what is coming up.

Session 3: Still too fancy? Then the third session is for you – the team is already familiar with the visuals and you can enjoy a session that has already developed over the course of the evening.

The next evening we start all over again and are happy to have a new band as guests. The VR experiences will be the same on all three evenings, but line-up of the musicians will change.

You wonder what you are going to see?



Playing on 13 June
Achim Seifert & Roland Cabezas

Playing on 14 June
Christophe Schweizer & Chris Lüers

Playing on 15 June
David Grabowski