7, 8, 9 and 10 June 2019
for 25 participants
Duration: ca. 30 minutes

Miro Shot is touring a live immersive VR concert that allows their audience to experience the ‘world’ of the music itself. In these shows, the audience enters a room filled with projection mapping, digital art, VR headsets, and a stage. The audience is immersed in an audiovisual journey with haptics, custom scents, and dreamscape visuals. CONTENT looks at how our notion of reality has changed and fractured as technology becomes more and more prevalent. The signs are clear that music should no longer be presented in just one medium, one sense, and in one place.

The show’s visuals are designed in part by the Miro Shot Collective, the open source part of the band that features the work of multidisciplinary creatives. Anyone can join. Miro Shot is paving the way for accessibility and innovation in live performance with immersive technology. As writer William Gibson says, “The future is already here- it’s just not very evenly distributed,” but this is all about to change.

Music and performance: Miro Shot
Voice over: Erik Todd Dellums