Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) continues its commitment to VRHAM! Festival as a partner again this year. We pick up the conversation from DKB Finanzwissen with Anne Schwanz. Anne is co-founder of the gallery Office Impart, which sees itself as a platform for contemporary art. She is also co-founder of the research initiative Art+Tech Report, which looks at the interface between art, market and technology. In this interview with DKB, she talks about the digitization of art, NFTs and the opportunities for the art market, among other topics. We think: A great insight that we want to share with you!

DKB Finanzwissen: In addition to the art trade, artworks are also becoming increasingly digital. How can we imagine a digital work of art and what forms can it take?

ANNE SCHWANZ: (…) Digital art can be anything created digitally or where digital technologies are the tools. It can take many forms: from a jpg file to a website, algorithmic programs, virtual reality representations to a video game. There are almost no limits to creativity.

DKB: What do you think distinguishes digital from analog art?

I don’t really see any difference. With a good work of art, the artistic concept is the most important thing. A digital work of art exists in digital space. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less real. The way it is perceived is just different, and you have to get involved with that. For example, you experience an immersive work of art that you can enter and that works with sound and light in a completely different way than a small drawing. (…)

DKB: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a hype topic right now. What opportunities do NFTs offer for the art trade?

The big opportunity I see is that digital art will become more visible as a medium and more directly tradable through developments in blockchain technology. Through NFTs, the idea of digital ownership is once again brought into focus. This will play a major role in the future as more and more takes place in the digital space. (…). But despite all the hype, in the long run it will be primarily about quality, and only that will prevail. Those who collect art NFTs usually do so with a similar motivation as traditional collectors.

Want to read more from Anne? Here you can find the entire interview with further exciting insights on art, market and digitalization. Shout out to Anne and DKB for the exciting interview!

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