François Vautier

A metallic tetrahedron floats through a milky abyss. All is calm. Suddenly, this geometric form dramatically deconstructs, atomizing into billions of fragments. What was once a negative space is now dense with chaos. All that was rational and understood has come undone. This is the beginning of a journey – one of creative destruction where everything solid melts into air, then condenses once more. It’s the hypnotic allegory of the eternal return, a spiritual journey where life and death are infinitely interchangeable. Through purely abstract forms and movement, Recoding Entropia questions the spectator’s place in the universe, offering an immersive journey into the mysteries of extinction and rebirth.


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Running time 8 minutes

Lead Artist / Director François Vautier
Screenplay François Vautier, Frank Richard
Director of photography François Vautier
Editing François Vautier
Sound & Music Pascal Bantz
Production Jeremy Sahel

France, 2020