Bettina Katja Lange, Joan Soler-Adillon,     Uwe Brunner

Since the beginning of the domestic quarantine, our private spaces have acquired an unusually high priority; they have become indispensable places of retreat. We searched for new niches and corners to find peace and to reflect on the current situation. Paradoxically, it has been a moment that connected us all, even if we experienced it separately. A walk-in immersive archive in virtual reality, The Smallest of Worlds is a time capsule of global involvement. It aims to document and investigate traces of relationships between people and those intimate and personal places that have helped them cope during this period of quarantine and self-isolation. It is a VR installation based on the contributions of participants, who share their private spaces, experiences and thoughts.


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Running time 20 minutes
Lead Artist / Director Bettina Katja Lange, Joan Soler-Adillon, Uwe Brunner
Creative Technologist Burkart Schwaighofer
Sound Designer Juan Carlos Duarte Regino
Assistant Max Happ, Stefan Maier

Denmark, Austria, 2021