Welcome to Utopia!

In the performative VR installation |U|topian Space|S|, personal concepts of space and of borders are questioned. Spaces, as we know them, dissolve into one other and emerge anew in our heads. Where does real space end and virtual reality begin? In the age of digitalization, |U|topian Space|S| searches for the very personal, individual utopia of space; perhaps we must throw our existing notions of space overboard and take on a new perspective?

The interdisciplinary collective MOSAIK was founded by Vivienne Mayer and Ilja Mirsky. Their aim is to illustrate and re-think cognitive processes of spatial perception. By using simple motion capture technology, the VR installation is transformed into a stage on which two visitors interact at the border between virtual and real environments.


Director and Producer: Ilja Mirsky
Team: Ilja Mirsky, Vivienne Mayer, Larissa Höfling
VR architecture: Vivienne Mayer
Text: Larissa Höfling
Produced by www.KollektivMosaik.com

Germany, 2019