New horizons of perception, learning by doing, immersin in the world of information: Virtual Reality has entered education, and it’s posing new questions. Can retreating to Virtual Reality create a learning environment enabling a new way of experience-based learning? Or is the digitalization of education leading to a loss of learning based on cultural experience and human interaction? At NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School (Dockland) we are discussing the potential and limitations of Virtual Reality in research, education, and teaching.


Matthias Kuhr (HAW Hamburg, nextReality.Hamburg e.V.)

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Mayrberger (Scientific Director of Universitätskolleg Digital, University Hamburg)

Christoph Steinhard (projektwerft)

Prof. Dr. Frank Zimmermann (NORDAKADEMIE)


Melanie Stein (ARD)


Kindly supported by Körber-Stiftung