Maxime Coton

Imagine your body literally immersed in a book. The letters of the alphabet, the punctuation marks have escaped the limits of the page. They seem to have an autonomous life, forming clouds all around you. Reacting to your amazed gaze, the letters find their order to form a sentence. You turn around, abstract shapes float: we don’t know if they are images or objects. Above, lines of code scroll like rain curtains: you are immersed in Living Pages.

Living Pages is an original poem that is expressed at the same time as it is contemplated. It is a work of virtual reality based on unconscious interactivity. It is a new form that materializes, in real time, the mental images generated by the user and conveyed by words.


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Duration 11 minutes
Director Maxime Coton
Production Company BRUITS, Saoi Media, Transcultures
Script Maxime Coton, Paula Kehoe
Visual Design Jamil Medahoui
Sound Design Mathilde Lacroix
Voice Charlotte Allen
Mixing Rémi Gérard
Interactivity Demute Studio
With the support of la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la SACD and of pILEN
Developed with support of the VR Creators’ Lab

Belgium, Ireland 2019