On 7 January 2015, two terrorists attacked the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Shortly afterwards, a third terrorist attacked the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher, killing four Jews – store employee Yohan Cohen (20), Yoav Hattab (21), François-Michel Saada (63) and Philippe Braham (45) – and taking numerous hostages. A few of them managed to hide in a cold room in the basement, taking a baby with them. In this virtual documentary, we use sketch-style animation to bring to life the recollections of three hostages.


Director: Ricarda Saleh
Animation team: Sofiia Melnyk (Lead-Artist), Mareike Graf, David Jansen, Alice Reily de Souza, Maité Schmitt, Sophia Schönborn
3D Compositing: Martin Backhaus
360 degree filming: Ricarda Saleh, Stefanie Vollmann, Henriette Drüke
Editing/Stitching: Julius Krenz, Julia Heimbach
Sound design: Marcus Fass
Redaktion: Sophie Schulenburg
A WDR production as part of the project BERLIN PARIS TERROR

Germany, 2018