VRHAM! is Germany’s first artistic Virtual Reality festival. VRHAM! is not an exhibition, not a museum, not a technology park, not a trade fair. VRHAM! is an experiment. We are giving Virtual Reality art a new home. Afraid of the new technology? Let’s start with the basics and take a look at the beginnings of Virtual Reality. What exactly is VR, what is it not and how to make art in Virtual Reality?

Peggy Schoenegge

completed her bachelor degree in art and image history in addition to social science at HU Berlin and her master degree in art history at TU Berlin. Her final thesis is on the interfaces between the virtual and real in Banz & Bowinkels artistic VR experience Mercury. Schoenegge focuses on art from the 1950s onwards, in particular performance and new media art in the context of gender. Since 2016 she is part of the team of peer to space. She co-curated the shows Urbanfuse (janinebeangallery, 2013), and peer to space’s exhibition Uncanny Conditions (Munich, 2017), Pendoran Vinci (Duesseldorf, 2018), as well as the online exhibition Cat Heroicus Sublimis (2016).