Real-In – Open Call

Collective and immersive digital experiences for innovation in creative industries

Discover the first open call focusing on INTERACTIVE ARTS

Are you a creative or artistic team developing interactive arts projects?
Are you willing to experiment and prototype collective and immersive experiences?
Do you want to open new paths for innovative and participative approaches with the audience in the creative industries?

First open call presented by Vrham!: INTERACTIVE ARTS

We are now looking for creators and artists working in the field of Interactive Arts who want to (further) develop their already existing artistic project (or a work in progress) by exploring the possibilities that lie in the innovation of 3D-scanning technologies. We want to encourage groundbreaking, forward-thinking implementations of this technology and participative interaction into your artistic work. We want to support visionary approaches in digital storytelling and see your project evolve by adding an additional layer of participation and collective accessibility. The final project aim is to showcase the results of the residency within the framework of a conference for relevant experts and industry stakeholders during VRHAM! festival in Hamburg (4-12 June 2021), to present the final project state to the public as well as to engage in a fruitful exchange with experts in the field.

The calls are open to creatives and artistic teams with an interactive project (in development or finalized) into which they would like to implement a collective and interactive dimension. Applicants will be eligible from any country in the world.

You must submit your application in English via our application form to present your project.

1 week of residency in Marseille (FR) provided by Dark Euphoria with 2 technical directors experts to develop sketches and prototypes during the residency.
Remote follow-up and technical support for your project (2-6 months following the residency)
Production and prototyping costs (up to €10,000)
Showcase in major EU events related to creative industries
Networking and peer-learning
Communication and promotion
Mentoring by renown experts in the field


Call opening

1 February 2021

Call closing

15 March 2021

Publishing of the results

End of March 2021

Start of the residency

End of April / Beginning of May 2021


2 days in the course of VRHAM! Festival (4 – 12 June 2021) in Hamburg/Germany

Real-In Technology

The technology provided  by Dark Euphoria and its technical partner offers a new kind of narrative projects thanks to a real-time volumetric capture device. A multi-camera system (kinect) which combines 3D scanner & mapping for a fluid human / machine interaction, resulting in a live rendering, without any technical devices worn by the public.

This allows the audience to be completely immersed in the experience, without having to handle joysticks or carry a heavy bag, glasses or other devices. The technology functions as a «state machine» which automatically validates (or not) each action of the participants according to the phase of the experience. For example: the detection of jumps, the range/scope of movement of their arms etc..

Discover the Technology

Innovation: overall idea and objectives, solution to the open call challenge, project outcomes
Impact: artistic, social and economic impact, sustainability
Implementation and artistic quality: artistic proposal, implementation plan, use of the technology
Team: skills, knowledge, previous work and experience in the interactive arts, music, performing arts, fashion & design and XR fields

The creative team will be selected by the following international jury: Judith Guez (Head of Art & VR/Laval Virtual; Director /Rector VRso Festival), Lilli Paasikivi-Ilves (Artistic Director /Finnish National Opera), Tomás Saraceno (Performance and Installation Artist)

The creative team, consisting of up to 4 team members, will take part in a 1-week residency in Marseille (FR), provided by Dark Euphoria (producer of artistic digital experiences)  End of April / Beginning of May 2021.
This residency time in Marseille (one week) offers the selected artistic team a technical and editorial support around their existing or in progress XR project. The laureates will be supported by two technical directors (video technical director and IT technical) from the company, specialised in real-time volumetric capture, who works for museums or concert halls.
The objective is to propose new perspectives to the chosen project by adding an immersive dimension to it, based on the movements and gestures of the public/audience. After a first day of presentation of the potentials of the technology based on an existing project (“Froth of the daydream”) and the in situ test of the technology with kinect cameras, we will invite the artists to reflect on how to use this innovative tool in order to improve the narrative or playful dimension of their project.
The remaining days will consist of exchanges with the technical directors, obtaining moodboards, sketches, models of the XR project with this technology and working on first steps to implement this new technology. One week being much too short to create concrete visual or graphic material, we propose a remote project support over the following month after the residency with the technical directors so as to be able to obtain a teaser or a prototype of the final rendering that will be showcased at VRHAM! Festival in Hamburg/Germany. The production budget of up to 10,000 Euros is to be spent in order to guarantee the best possible presentation of the project in Hamburg.
The residency expenses of the creative team (travel, accommodation and subsistence) will be covered by VRHAM! Festival.

The selected team will be allocated a production budget up to 10,000 Euros upon presentation of invoices for technical and productions costs related to the project: equipment, material purchase, external services (technical development). The budget must be used to create measurable outcomes that can be presented to an audience at VRHAM! festival and fulfill the open call’s objectives.

The results of the residency will be presented to a professional audience during VRAHM! Festival 2021. It may take different forms depending on the team’s project outcomes (prototype, demo, workshop, screening, etc.) and will be discussed jointly between the team and the artistic direction of the VRHAM! festival. During this public presentation, the artist will be able to present a prototype, a work step, or a finalised work, depending on the progress of the project at the end of the residency. The costs for these moments of presentation (travel, accommodation, subsistence costs etc.) will be covered by VRHAM! Festival.

If you have any further questions please contact: