The digital media of the future and the traditional music business: two areas that seem incompatible at first glance. How can the digital future be shaped to incorporate Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality formats into classical music and music theatre? How can traditional formats thus be experienced in a different way? What significance does music have for the immersive arts?

VRHAM! 2019 focuses on musical immersive formats. Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director VRHAM!) talks to Peter Maniura (Director IMZ Academy) and Annastina Haapasaari (Project Manger Opera Beyond, Finnish National Opera) about artistic possibilities and strategic potentials of immersive media in the musical arts.


Annastina Haapasaari (Project Manager Opera Beyond, Finnish National Opera)
Peter Maniura (Director IMZ Academy)


Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director VRHAM!)

For a long time Virtual Reality was regarded as a niche domain of the gaming industry. But in recent years the technology has found its way into more and more areas of life: Not only artists of different creative genres are inspired by the wide range of possibilities of artificial reality, the business world also realises the vast potential of digital transformation and VR.

Digital change generally runs the risk of focussing on new technology and processes, leaving the human being out of view. For Virtual Reality, there is one constant in the various and changing fields of its application, and it forms the bridge: Here, the human being is in the centre and focus of experience. Viewers are involved, they interact, they control, the content is generated around them.

Whether as part of an artistic experience or as hands-on training in the business world, the focus is on the individual human being. We discuss with experts from industry, art and science, trying to find out what the introduction of Virtual Reality as a Leading Technology means for its various areas of application.

EY Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft is presenting the panel VR Connected – The Human Perspective


Stephan Biallas (Partner EY)

Dr. Thilo Hagendorff (Media and Technology Ethicist, University of Tübingen)

Diana Schniedermeier (Executive Producer)


Jennifer Sarah Boone (


VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival Hamburg and the Danish CPH:DOX Festival start an exchange: Within this year’s edition VRHAM! invites a project which was already presented in Copenhagen a few weeks before: RE-ANIMATED by Jakob Kudsk Steensen. We don’t want to let art speak for itself alone, we want to discuss with each other: What artistic possibilities does the Virtual Reality scene offer in Denmark and Hamburg? What are the differences in project realization? How well connected is Hamburg’s VR scene in international comparison from a curatorial and artistic point of view?

We talk to curators and artists from Denmark and Hamburg.

In cooperation with the CPH:DOX Festival (Copenhagen)
Kindly supported by the Department of Culture and Media


Casper Andersen (Programmer / Film & Inter:Active CPH:DOX)
Mads Damsbo (Founder and Producer Makropol, Director)
Ilja Mirsky (KollektivMosaik, VRHAM! Hamburg Emerging Artist)
Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director VRHAM! Festival)


Melanie Stein

Theater, Tanz, Performance arbeiten mit dem Körper im Raum, mit dem Live-Moment. In der virtuellen Realität ist der Körper jedoch Fiktion, ein Avatar, die Umgebung ist vorproduziert. Wie lassen sich diese beiden Welten vereinbaren?

Ganz neu in der diesjährigen Ausgabe des VRHAM! Festivals zeigen wir euch verschiedene virtuelle Live-Formate und möchten herausfinden, wie die Kombination aus performativen Live-Projekten und der Virtuellen Realität den Künstler*innen neue Wege der Kreation aufzeigt, um das Publikum als aktiven Teil der Vorstellung einzubinden. Was für neue Erfahrungshorizonte öffnen sich für die Zuschauer*innen? Sind Virtual und Augmented Reality nur additive Bruchstücke der Live-Show oder kann durch die Verbindung von beiden eine ganz neue performative Form entstehen?

Wir sprechen mit Marcus Lobbes, Künstlerischer Leiter der Akademie für Theater und Digitalität, sowie Marcel Karnapke von den CyberRäubern, deren Arbeiten MEET JULIET, MEET ROMEO und FRAGMENTE – EIN DIGITALER FREISCHÜTZ ihr bei VRHAM! 2019 sehen könnt.


Marcus Lobbes (Künstlerischer Leiter der Akademie für Theater und Digitalität)

Marcel Karnapke (CyberRäuber – MEET JULIET, MEET ROMEO)


Ulrike Fischer (Kommunikation/Pressearbeit VRHAM!)


Virtual Reality – das ist die Welt, die in der Brille existiert. Ob auf der Couch, im Museum oder am Strand: Ist der Ort, von dem aus wir uns in die Virtuelle Realität begeben nicht irrelevant für die

Virtual Reality – this is the world that exists in VR glasses. Whether on the couch, in the museum or on the beach: isn’t the place from which we enter Virtual Reality irrelevant for the actual experience? What does this mean for the exhibition of artistic VR works?

Virtual Reality now inspires artists of various genres. When experiencing art, viewers are always at the centre of the artistic experience. How can VR art be presented to the visitors? How can the physical environment be related to the virtual artwork, and does this create an additional quality of perception for the audience? What does the extended spectrum mean for the artistic work?

After a short keynote by Julie Walsh about exhibiting Virtual Reality art we will open the panel for discussion with Gabrielle Roque, Ulrich Schrauth and Julie Walsh, moderated by Tina Sauerländer.


Gabrielle Roque (Director COCOTTE-MINUTE, winner of the international Residency VRHAM! 2019)

Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival)

Julie Walsh (freelance curator for VR & AR, founder of Walsh Projects)


Tina Sauerländer (founder and director of peer to space)

for 3 participants

Enter 0AR, a collection of short dance works in Augmented Reality (AR) for all ages. AΦE (choreographers Aoi Nakamura and Esteban Lecoq) sought to bring the live-ness and collective theatrical experience into the work, reimagining the application of this technology that can placed anywhere in 5m x 5m delimited public space. Experiencing 0AR communally via five connected devices, audiences are encouraged to explore, move around the space and interact where their actions have a unique influence within the performance.

0AR is based on seminal masterpiece zero degrees (2005), a collaboration between dancers/choreographers Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, sculptor Antony Gormley and composer Nitin Sawhney. Inspired by their own dual identities, Khan and Cherkaoui searched for the reference point, the source, the ‘0’ at life’s core, through polar opposites, life/death, light/dark, chaos/order.

0AR unfolds in 5 scenes exploring from original dramaturgy consist of: Introduction, Pray; Border, Frustration, Transportation; Journey, Solving puzzles; Confrontation of death; Discovery; with original contemporary dance choreography.

We explore to bring the audience into the heart of an artwork by extending the reality through technology to reflect our everyday life.


Artistic Directors: Esteban Fourmi und Aoi Nakamura (AΦE)
Technical Partner: Mbryonic
Music: Nitin Sawnhey
Dancers: Jose Agudo, Elias Lazaridis
Character Artist: Duncan Walker, Arthur Tabb
Producer: JiaXuan Hon (Blackwinged Creatives)

Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells, London
Co-Produced by Biennale de la danse de Lyon 2018

A Sadler’s Wells 20th Anniversary Commission

Special thanks to ZERO DEGREES original creators Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Nitin Sawhney and Antony Gormley.

Supported by Arts Council England, Jasmin Vardimon Company, V&A, South East Dance, The Old Market Brighton, Akram Khan Company, Eastman and Ashford Borough Council.

UK, 2018

VESTIGE is a room-scale VR creative documentary that uses multi-narrative and volumetric live capture to take the viewer on a journey into the mind of Lisa as she remembers her lost love, Erik. Within an empty void, fragments of past memories appear of their life together. As we navigate the space to explore these moments, new memories are triggered revealing new pathways through the story. Over time the memories become entangled with a haunting vision and eventually lead us to the shocking moment of Erik’s death. Every viewing will reveal a different journey towards this moment, revealing the complex world of memory and grief.


Project Creator: Aaron Bradbury
Key Collaborators: Paul Mowbray, Antoine Cayrol, Jill Klekas Basmajian
Producers: Paul Mowbray, Antoine Cayrol, Jill Klekas Basmajian
Executive Producer: René Pinnell
Co-Producers: Fred Volhuer, Alethea Avramis, Pierre Zandrowicz
Co-Producer: Arnaud Colinart
Cast Members: Lisa Elin

Country: UK/USA/France, 2018

Welcome to Utopia!

In the performative VR installation |U|topian Space|S|, personal concepts of space and of borders are questioned. Spaces, as we know them, dissolve into one other and emerge anew in our heads. Where does real space end and virtual reality begin? In the age of digitalization, |U|topian Space|S| searches for the very personal, individual utopia of space; perhaps we must throw our existing notions of space overboard and take on a new perspective?

The interdisciplinary collective MOSAIK was founded by Vivienne Mayer and Ilja Mirsky. Their aim is to illustrate and re-think cognitive processes of spatial perception. By using simple motion capture technology, the VR installation is transformed into a stage on which two visitors interact at the border between virtual and real environments.


Director and Producer: Ilja Mirsky
Team: Ilja Mirsky, Vivienne Mayer, Larissa Höfling
VR architecture: Vivienne Mayer
Text: Larissa Höfling
Produced by

Germany, 2019

TRAIL OF ANGELS is a double tribute to the precursor of multimedia art, and one of the greatest pioneers of all abstract art in Europe – the most outstanding Lithuanian creator, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, who broke boundaries between different art forms in order to create a whole new world based on his own cosmogony. Explore a mysterious afterlife world based on Čiurlionis’s paintings and music by observing and interacting with the artist’s magical universe.  Starting the journey as a human being, the viewer soon realizes to have become one of Čiurlionis’s angels, contemplating states of Life, Death and Unity with the Universe.


Director: Kristina Buozyte
Creative Producer: Vitalijus Zukas
Producers: Kristina Buozyte, Podgorny Alexander
Art Director: Adrew Andreuk
Composer: Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis; Mindaugas Urbaitis
Sound Designer: Vytis Puronas

Lithuania, 2018

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is omnipresent. The famous face distorted by terror has fired our imaginations so greatly that it has become the universal symbol of dread. Are you ready to unleash the secrets of the most famous “scream” in art history?

Alone in an empty museum, you find yourself face to face with the painting. Do you dare touch it? Take care: demons and phantoms will spring from the canvas and drag you into the depths of the artist’s tortured mind.

Based on the painting, THE SCREAM carries the user away to explore the painter’s obsessions and work. This interactive and sensory virtual-reality experience unfolds in three chapters, presenting a unique interpretation of the Expressionist masterpiece.


An experience by Sandra Paugam and Charles Ayats
Produced by Fabienne Servan Schreiber & David Bigiaoui
Voice Over: Paul Hamy
Concept Artist: DeeMoes
Sound Design & Music: Franck Weber

Coproducers : Cinétévé Expérience & ARTE France in partnership with Backlight Studio

With the support of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée and the help from the regional council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

France, 2019